Ausflug nach Innsbruck (4. November 2017)

Flight from LOXN-LOWI-LOXN
Cruising level: 10.000 ft due morning fog in the valleys. We went directly to the point VERDA. With the friendly coordination of Salzburg radar we could stay at our cruising level (controllzone of Salzburg starts from 9500ft).
In Innsbruck we flew with the coordination of the Innsbruck Tower the VFR Mike route and had to turn some rounds in the holding pattern due IFR inbound traffic.
Cruising speed: 100-143knts. First leg took us 2:10 and back we could make it in 1:50 due tail wind.

Pilots: Mathias Blumberger & Martin Samorajski

Fotos: Blumberger & Samorajski